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The project is located in the west of Fuzhou West Second Ring Road south of Ninghua slip road, covering 34.17 acres, with a total construction area of 82,000 square meters.

Project planning and design From the social, economic, environmental and cultural characteristics of Fuzhou, we take full account of the multi-level needs of residential users in the modern society, and create the classic community which belongs to the times with quality.

Aerial view:

Juan Tian on the 1st

  • Located in the center of Chongqing Yubei District,
  • The project covers an area of 15 acres.
  • The total construction area is 43,000 square meters.
  • The exterior wall of the project includes an insulation layer,
  • Enjoy the green low-carbon life;
  • Insulating glass, steel doors and windows, private enjoyment of the quiet space.

Gold Coast Overview

The only “Riverside theme” development  in the city of Dawei is this upscale condominium.

  • The project is located in the capital city of Tanintharyi,
  • Beautiful riverside view.
  • The total area is 1.475 acres,
  • Total construction area of about 8.,36 million square meters;

This Project will lead Dawei  City to new real estate market heights

  • To create a first-class “humane, iconic, perfect” high-quality integrated community.
  • The district consists of 4 apartment blocks and a business complex
  •  B1-B2 is an underground car park. G1 floor for commercial shops and shopping malls.
  • G2 floor is for shopping malls, supermarkets. F3-25 floor are residential levels accessible by elevator.

Ample traffic lanes and quilted landscape layout, combined with road greening, house greening formation point, line, surface three-dimensional intertwined mesh landscape system to achieve the perfect harmony between man and nature.

Aerial view:

Project in the structure uphold humanistic thinking.
Space layout to the ecological environment, apartment lighting, ventilation performance perfect combination.
And to elegant, solemn new era of building heritage for centuries.

GOLD COAST project highlights

The project is situated on an excellent geographical location, with Dawei River.
Prime land.


  • Pride of the Dawei River, integrated city concept, beautiful surrounding landscape.
  • Excellent accessibility and close proximity to the city center.
  • The city can enjoy the tranquility of the city.
  • Private land, one purchase, lifetime ownership.

City landmarks

GOLD COAST project is a joint venture of Dewan International and Degao Group, with the international development concept and ultra-modern architectural style, dedicated to the Dawei people only set living, leisure, entertainment, shopping and other lifestyle as one integrated Body of the project! It created a new era of Dawei new Habitat community model; will become the future development of the land tile landmark!

Unlimited value

According to the government plan, the provincial government to move into, Dawei will be built into Myanmar’s special economic zones. With the construction of deep-water port terminal, invested 2.6 billion US dollars in large-scale refinery settled, Bangkok to Dawei highways are also included in the planning.

Exquisite type

Bedroom bay window design.
Perfect space, open romantic life.
Double balcony, panoramic space.
City bustling, landscape beauty at a glance.
Perfect life flourishing,
Quietly enhance the grade.
A variety of styles of exquisite decoration, despite your choice,
Let you feel different life beauty,
Experience all kinds of noble life!

Beautifully decorated

Perfect match

Community gardens, swimming pools, shopping malls, supermarkets, theaters, restaurants and so on for your shopping and entertainment to bring great convenience.

Project F1 floor – F2 floor planning for the supermarket and shopping malls, the introduction of various types of goods for sale.
For your life to bring great convenience, so you can stay at home can experience the fun of shopping!

Cinema restaurant commercial street and other supporting, so that you in the district a comprehensive experience of the city like business style.
You can also enjoy the delicious variety of restaurants at leisure

Garden swimming pool kindergarten

Community garden can make a busy day you, enjoy flowers and trees, feel the natural fragrance.
Swimming pool of water laughter, let you relax the state of mind, feel the quality of life.
Kindergarten allows you to always pay attention to the growth of children in the process of change, feel the joy of childhood children.

  • Free public hall and professional parking lot,
  • All-weather secondary water supply system,
  • 24-hour CCTV security system and security patrol,
  • escort your safety.

Parking lot: B1-B2 large car park section
Security system all-weather security patrol, 24-hour CCTV monitoring

Building scale model layout

  • Dawei’s only landmark high-rise elevator apartment. View the whole city style, enjoy the landscape style.
  • To lead the Dawei tile real estate market height, to create a humane, iconic, perfect high-quality integrated community.
  • patchwork landscape layout, road greening, house lighting and other forms of point, line, surface three-dimensional intertwined landscape system, to achieve the perfect harmony between man and nature.
  • Housing structure on the use of dynamic division, bedroom bay window, double balcony. Panoramic space highlights the noble life.
  • The garden is so busy for a day, enjoying flowers and trees and feeling the aroma of nature. Swimming pool of water laughter, let you relax the state of mind, feel the quality of life.